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Please read the FAQ before you send us a message.

Do you sell your gloves directly to the endcustomer?

No, we sell our gloves only to retailers. If you want you can send us a message with your location, we will then search for a retailer nearby and give you the information

Are you open for sponsoring/cooperations?

Generally yes, but we get so many applications, that we sadly have to set our requirements really high.
Your application has a chance to succeed if your social media accounts have 20.000 or more followers with a good interaction quote.

Another way to qualify for a cooperation is, if you have remarkable success in tournaments. A combination of both has of course the highest chances of success.

How do I wash my gloves?

Our gloves that are made from synthetik can be washed in the washing mashine at 30°C.

Leather gloves generally don’t need a special treatment. But you should take care that you don’t let your gloves dry in high temperature and direct sunling. This could make them brittle.
If your gloves get dirty, you can download our washing instructions for leather gloves here

How long does a glove last?

We can not give a general answer to this question, since the durability of a glove depends strongly on the frequency of use and intensity. In addition, there are some factors which may adversely affect the durability of the gloves, which can be read in the next “frequent question”.
However, it can be roughly assumed that a leather glove, if used correctly, will last twice as long as a glove made of artificial leather / synthetics.

Which factors have a negative effect on the durability of the gloves?

In fine leather gloves, the most frequent causes of a shorter durability are long fingernails and rings, as these will exert a stronger pressure on the leather with its hard and partially edged surfaces, resulting in increased abrasion.
Another, common cause of a shorter durability is that the wrong glove model was chosen for your own needs. If  a”perfect glove” would exist, which covers all the needs of every rider, we would have a single one instead of 30+ models.
In the following “Frequently Asked Questions” we will show you some steps on how to find the fitting glove easier.

How do I find the gloves that fits my needs?

First of all, it would be important to know if you want a leather or artificial leather / synthetic glove and which glove size you got.
A simple method for determining the correct size can be found here
Advantages of the artificial leather are that the purchase price is lower and that the gloves are machine washable at 30 ° C.
The advantages of leather gloves are that these are usually more durable than artificial leather gloves. In addition, our leather gloves have different functions depending on the model, such as the adhesive leather, a ceramic coating or a particularly good feeling on the reins.

As soon as you have decided what kind of glove you want, you can look at all our models, including descriptions, to find the glove you need.

If you have any questions regarding the selection of your glove, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

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